Were you interviewed at Google for Salesforce? Were you asked to work on your coding skills? Or were you recently introduced to Apex programming language? Then Apexilicious is for you.

There are many unknown and powerful features in the Apex programming language that we are either ignorant about or we don't know how to relish. With Apexilicious you will not only kick start with the fundamentals of Apex programming language but also taste the power packed OOPs concepts while building some of the advanced data structures and algorithms, because apex is not just about triggers, handlers, if-else and for loops. Its much more than that - its a blessing if you use it the right way - a nightmare (with governor limits) otherwise.

For e.g. let us take a look at the below snippet. Could you guess the output?

System.debug(32 >> 2);

If you are wondering that there is a typo with an extra > symbol, then be assured it is not. If you guessed it, the output isn't a Boolean either. It is an 8

If you ever happened to have prepared for DS and Algos (for interviews or hackathons like Google Code Jam) then you will know it is a Bit manipulation question. Yes! Apex does support bit manipulation with bitwise operators. Apex is filled with features like these and many others that we often do not consider using, probably because we underestimate apex. With apexilicious we will see how much of a performance improvement and clean code can be achieved by leveraging the simplest of  these features from this amazing language.

Get one year subscription for free if you get 10 of your Salesforce friends enrolled for inteygrate newsletter by submitting a simple form here. Along with a weekly Apex recipe, it will also include access to other premium articles, code base/libraries (e.g. Boolean Engine), design patterns implementations and support for your programming journey.

Apexilicious Topics

  1. How does an 18 digit Id in Salesforce become case insensitive
  2. How to manage the paid subscribers in Salesforce with Stripe integration
  3. A pure apex based Boolean Engine to evaluate sObject records without any formula field
  4. Convert an offset in seconds to Datetime in Apex
  5. Why does start method of a batch apex class have two possible return types - Database.QueryLocator vs. Iterable<sObject>
  6. Apex REST does not support multipart/form-data requests[SOLVED]
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