Integrations, ML/AI and Design

Our top authors

Muralidhar Sampathirao

Sr Technical Consultant @ Salesforce • Integration aficionado started Inteygrate to Explore, Adapt and Evolve with Cloud | Blockchain | AI | ML • Views and opinions expressed are those of the authors

Narasimhan Chenduru

Senior Member Technical Staff at Salesforce | An Integration and Data Science enthusiast, who likes to work on various tools and technologies.

Peruri Sai Mahesh

Project Engineer at Persistent Systems. With I am making an attempt to integrate Salesforce with the social media apps that could have a significant impact on businesses

Prathyusha Narla

I strongly believe in David H Wilson's quote "..things grow stronger when we integrate them". And so at I am exploring the middleware's to integrate Salesforce to the World

Alekya Pochampally

I am a baker and just like I bake Cakes and Cookies with sweet ingredients, I want to bake Salesforce integrating with a variety of technologies

Srividya Emirishetty

Demo Engineer at Salesforce. With I am exploring Salesforce integrations to applications that enhances and amplifies the communication between customers, businesses, and users

Supraja Poosarla

Informatica ETL Expert | Einstein Analytics and Discovery Consultant exploring the powerful features that Salesforce is equipped with to find intelligent insights in Data.

Priya Bhavana Vemula

Salesforce Developer at Accenture. With I am sharing the challenges that I solve and the solutions I build using Apex - the language that makes Salesforce the most powerful cloud.

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