First of all thank you to all the authors for your contributions and thank you to the subscribers who followed and found the articles worth the subscription.

It was a great learning experience sharing and connecting with you all in the last 7 years since I started the blog. Unfortunately, I will no longer be able to run the blog and contribute articles since I am now part of Salesforce. Sharing anything related to Salesforce in return for a compensation (though in the form of subscriptions) is therefore considered a outside business activity and henceforth I am not allowed to continue this further.

All the paid subscribers will be issued a refund on pro-rata basis 2 months from now (after deducting necessary taxes as per the Indian GST regulations). Kind request to cancel your recurring subscriptions and download/copy-paste the paid articles in any form you can. Later the site will be completely suspended.

Thanks once again. Wishing you all in advance a very Happy New Year. For further queries you can reach out to me at my email address:

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