Salesforce IBM Partnership - Einstein meets Watson

Salesforce IBM Partnership - Einstein meets Watson

By now almost everyone knows about the Landmark Global Strategic Partnership announced by Salesforce and IBM in March this year. But what exactly is the outcome expected with this partnership. Is it only about leveraging the AI capabilities using Einstein and Watson or is there anything else that we should be excited about the two giant companies coming together. This amazing video briefs the vision shared by both Salesforce and IBM of building smart future. Some of the very fascinating use cases shared by Marc Benioff that seemed to be a dream before this.

Marc and Ginni Vision

And this is what the CEO of Salesforce and IBM got to quote about the partnership.

“Within a few years, every major decision—personal or business—will be made with the help of AI and cognitive technologies,” said Ginni Rometty,
chairman, president and chief executive officer, IBM. “This year we expect Watson will touch one billion people—through everything from oncology and retail to tax preparation and cars. Now, with yesterday's announcement, the power of Watson will serve the millions of Salesforce and Einstein customers and developers to provide an unprecedented understanding of customers."

"The combination of Einstein and Watson will make businesses smarter and our customers more successful," said Marc Benioff, chairman and CEO, Salesforce. “I'm thrilled to form an alliance with IBM—no company’s core values are as close to Salesforce’s as IBM’s. It’s the best of both worlds.”

What's in the basket?

IBM Watson and Salesforce Einstein Integration:

Integrating IBM Watson APIs into Salesforce will bring predictive insights from unstructured data, inside or outside an enterprise, together with predictive insights from customer data delivered by Salesforce Einstein to enable smarter, faster decisions across sales, service, marketing, commerce and more. For example, by combining local shopping patterns, weather and retail industry data from Watson with customer-specific shopping data and preferences from Salesforce Einstein, a retailer will be able to automatically send highly personalized and localized email campaigns to shoppers.

IBM Weather Insights for Salesforce:

The Weather Company, an IBM business, will power a new Lightning component on the Salesforce AppExchange to provide weather insights that inform customer interactions and business performance. For example, an insurance company will be able to pull local forecast data from IBM Weather into Salesforce, and automatically send safety and policy information to customers who are at risk of being impacted by severe weather events.

IBM Application Integration Suite for Salesforce:

Customers will be able to able to bring together on-premise enterprise and cloud data with specialized integration products for Salesforce, surfacing that data directly within the Salesforce Intelligent Customer Success Platform. For example, a wealth advisor will be able to unify client data, such as individual investments and risk profiles, with financial trends and public macroeconomic information from Application Integration Suite right within Salesforce to make smarter decisions for her customers.

Bluewolf Dedicated Consulting Services and Expertise for Cognitive Solutions:

Bluewolf, an IBM company, has formed a new practice to help clients rapidly deploy the combined IBM Watson and Salesforce Einstein capabilities. This new unit capitalizes on Bluewolf's over fifteen years of Salesforce implementations and their current portfolio of multiple Salesforce and Watson projects. Bluewolf will also develop new industry-specific accelerators used by enterprise clients to accelerate adoption of cognitive applications.

As part of the partnership, IBM will deploy Salesforce Service Cloud across the company to transform its global product support services and gain a single, unified view of every IBM customer.

Series on Inteygrate

In a series of upcoming posts we will deep dive in one or all of the above and explore the various tools that are now available to integrate Salesforce to the world for building SMART and INTERCONNECTED Enterprise Applications.

If you too would like to contribute on one of these topics and share your experience then join us now; follow this link.



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