Part II - The Setup

In the last post we saw a brief introduction about Jira and also listed few scenarios where Salesforce-Jira integration is required.

In this post we will see the preliminary set up required to start with the integration in Salesforce. In Salesforce we can do integration to other applications/services programmatically using Apex Callouts.

Apex Callouts are of two types:

  1. Web service callouts to SOAP web services that use XML as a medium of transportation and requires a WSDL (Web Services Definition Language) for code generation.
  2. HTTP callouts to services that use JSON (Javascript Object Notation) as a medium of transportation and relies on REST APIs provided by the external service. We will be using this method to integrate Salesforce to Jira.

Remote Site Settings

Salesforce is very particular about security and hence you cannot have a code calling out randomly to any unknown endpoint without prior approval. Therefore to start with the callout you first need to update the list of approved sites for your org on the Remote Site Settings page using the following steps.

  1. From Setup, enter Remote Site Settings in the Quick Find box, then click Remote Site Settings.
    Remote Site Settings
  2. Click New Remote Site.
  3. For the remote site name, enter any name of your choice.
  4. For the remote site URL, enter I will be using my own Jira domain URL:
  5. Enter some relevant Description
  6. Click Save.
    Remote Site Settings

Once the site is saved we are now ready to make a callout to the external service. Coming up next is some coding stuff.

Quick Links

  1. Apex Web Services
  2. REST vs. SOAP - When is REST better
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