Microsoft outlook is one of the most important email client used by corporate for their daily official email communications just as Gmail is being used for personal email communications. Apart from email communications Outlook is also widely used for managing Contacts, Events and Tasks. With the introduction of tools like Yammer and Lync-Skype for Business the popularity of Microsoft Office tools has become even more popular among the Windows users.

Why integrate Salesforce to Microsoft Outlook?

If using both Salesforce and Outlook are essential for your daily work then in order to boost your productivity you need to keep the Outlook Contacts, Tasks, Events etc. in sync with Salesforce.

Therefore with this integration in place you will be able to see Salesforce contacts and leads related to your Outlook emails. Also in Outlook, you can then manually add your emails to these contacts and leads, as well as other Salesforce records related to them, like accounts, opportunities, and cases.

Take a look at the below video and find out how can you utilize the maximum from the Salesforce-Outlook integration

How to integrate Salesforce to Microsoft Outlook?

With this PDF available there isn't much better way I can describe the procedure to integrate Salesforce to Outlook.

Also, you can watch the below video that describes in detail the steps to configure Salesforce to Outlook.
Configuring Salesforce to Outlook

Note: Connect for Outlook isn't available for Developer Edition

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