Integrations, ML/AI and Design
Anything that goes into the record speaks directly to the future - from the movie Tenet
That's why Data is said to be the fuel for Machine Learning
Before our machines learn to talk with humans, they first need to talk with each other. Interoperability challenges. Therefore more than NLP the need of the hour is MLP - Machine Language Processing
No app ever suggested me in my feed to connect with my crush; because I had no digital trace of my feelings! AI has limitations - its data driven and emotionless...
We probably need a social media lockdown too.. otherwise the polluted data we generate will harm the AI fabric the same way we harmed the nature for years and we are witnessing the consequences!
Machine Learning Prediction is not magic; its merely an interpolation of your existing data points. Don't rely on it too much - It cannot predict your future.
Crucially, Szabo’s writings show that he still viewed Bitcoin as a store of value, not as a means of exchange

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