Salesforce MVPs are exceptional individuals helping millions of Trailblazers and customers thrive by sharing their knowledge, leadership, and creativity within the Salesforce Community. Salesforce MVPs are nominated by the community and awarded MVP status for a one-year period.

Nomination process

MVPs are nominated for their individual contributions, completely independent of where they work.

Below is the brief description of the nomination process

  1. Nominees must have been active in the community for at least a year to be considered for MVP status.
  2. Any Customer or Salesforce employee can make a nomination.
  3. After nominations close, the current MVPs review each nomination and provide unique and valuable feedback on every nomination based on their real-life experience within their online and local communities.
  4. A diverse team of internal stakeholders from different teams review nominations together. This global team includes, Alliances and AppExchange, Developer and Admin relations so as to make sure that all communities, groups, and regions are fairly represented to discuss feedback about each nomination.
  5. After all of the above, a final list of new MVPs to be awarded is created.
  6. New MVPs are notified the night before an official announcement is made. MVP rewards last for one year from the announcement, and ongoing participation is reviewed annually based on contributions in the last 12 months.

MVP Rewards

What is in there if you become an MVP? - Rewards!! Some of the fascinating rewards that motivates many of the trailblazers are listed below.

  1. Access to insiders and special engagements with Salesforce' product and marketing teams
  2. Early access to previews, products, features, and releases
  3. Highlighting of achievements on Salesforce' Blog and at events
  4. Invitations to provide leadership and moderate community forums
  5. Speaking opportunities at Dreamforce and other industry events
  6. MVP networking events with Salesforce executives
  7. An MVP badge on community profiles
  8. An MVP Rickshaw laptop bag
  9. An MVP trophy and certificate
  10. Limited rights to the “Salesforce MVP” signature and logo

How can inteygrate help

The best part of the MVP nominations criteria is that Salesforce doesn't follow a specific contribution check list. It is so because the community members are always doing something new and amazing. Below listed are some great examples of MVP contributions; Blogging being one of them. At this is what exactly we are doing. Learning and Sharing with the Salesforce Community by trying out ways connecting Salesforce to the world.

  • Accessibility – Participating in the community at least 9 days per month, either on or through social channels (e.g., blogs, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn)
  • Expertise – Having a strong understanding of the product and the needs of the community
  • Responsive – Responding regularly to questions and contributing to the knowledge of the community
  • Leadership – Representing the spirit of the community and bringing the voice of the customer back to
  • Advocacy – Being a brand advocate for the product and jumping in to defend the company when necessary

Its good if you are already contributing by doing any one/more of these activities. If not then start today by joining us. Be an author and take the first step for becoming an MVP. Refer the Be an author section and write in to us if you have any queries.

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