Thank you for visiting - Connecting Salesforce to the World and because you are reading this section you are probably looking for the purpose of this blog. is created with the motive of listing the different technologies that Salesforce - which is the leading cloud technology with a wide range of products in its basket viz. Sales cloud, Service cloud, Marketing cloud, Community cloud, Analytics cloud etc. to name a few; can be connected/integrated to.

To know more about the complete list of Salesforce products and services visit For a complete history of Salesforce you can visit the Wikipedia page. This blog isn't a tutorial/guide on how-to's of Salesforce. But rather, purely how-to's of integrating Salesforce to other technologies.

Though we might occasionally see some features of Salesforce; if you are looking for tutorials regarding the core features of Salesforce, then you are suggested to visit and search the very active developer and success community of Salesforce.

You can reach us via email at with any queries/suggestions/feedback you have. These are the list of upcoming articles that the authors are working on. If one of these articles interests you or if you feel that you too can write an article on any of these topics then email us with your selected article title as subject to

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